What do 10% of sales professionals have that the GM cannot teach to the remaining 90%?

The answer is Emotional Fitness.

  • Your sales will improve, providing opportunities for growth & expansion.

  • ​Your attrition and burnout rate will decrease.

  • ​Your company culture will provide a healthier environment to attract the best sales professionals and ignite the energy necessary to sustain growth.

We are committed to the success of our clients in both their professional and personal lives.

In times of uncertainty is when leaders rise.

Research has shown that today, buyers have done their due diligence before they engage a sales person. They know what they want. The game-changer is going to be their experience with your sales professional. Your sales professional reflects the culture of the owners and senior leadership. To build a culture that is truly customer service-centric and attracts clients who want their buying experience to be truly enjoyable, two things are very important:

1. Owners, senior leadership and sales professionals must have a culture that raises their emotional IQ.

2. Owners, senior leadership and sales professionals must have a culture that raises their emotional fitness.

The Corporate EDGE program is designed to help all of our clients create and maintain a culture of lasting success. What does that success look like? The ability to integrate and get satisfaction from 4 core areas of your life: Body, Bonds, Business, Being

Raul Villacis is the founder and CEO of The Next Level Experience, a business and personal development education company that focuses on helping businessmen find the EDGE in their lives. He has worked with thousands of high level CEOs and entrepreneurs through his boot camp-style method, so they can compound time and find immediate and tangible results in their lives.

He is also founder of The Next Level Media and The Next Level Real Estate, and he is currently expanding his movement into the Latin market by creating content in Spanish since he was born in Ecuador and speaks it fluently.

He recently released his new book “The King’s Code” a guide to help men find certainty, purpose and clarity in life. He is most proud of being married for over 20 years to a woman that shares his same passion about creating an impact and of their teenage kids who also inherit his entrepreneurial spirit by writing books and starting different businesses.