What is a power couple?

Sometimes we see other couples and they seem like they have it all together.

They look like it’s too good to be true.

We say to ourselves, “It must be fake.”

“There is no way they can be that happy or they can have that type of a relationship.”

We judge and we criticize them because it seems impossible for us to get to that point with our own partner.

So we create a story in our head that if we can’t be that happy, it must all be an act.

We settle for “good enough.”

Doesn’t everybody?

We were in that place once too.

We used to make fun of couples that called themselves a Power Couple.

We thought they secretly hated each other and they were putting up a façade for others to see.

Until we figured out what a POWER COUPLE really was.

A power couple is not someone that has everything together.

A power couple are two people who EMPOWER each other to bring out the best in one another.

A true partnership is one where each COMPLIMENTS the other, but we are not DEPENDENT on each other or INCOMPLETE without the other. 

The reason that most relationships won’t ever get to become a power couple is because they have unrealistic expectations of each other.

They want to have the rewards of being a power couple without the struggles and pain.

Or even worse, they are so addicted to pain and drama that they are attracting it to their lives.

You can’t win a battle without the will to fight.

It’s not always a pretty picture but through the fights, arguments and disagreements they find a VISION to fight for.

When you fight for your marriage and you don’t settle, you will begin to find the power within yourself.

Becoming a POWER COUPLE will not only help your marriage but will also inspire others around you to fight for theirs.

Anyone can be in a strong relationship if they build the foundation from the inside out.

It will not be easy, but marriage is worth fighting for.

The ONE thing that changed for Vivian and me is getting around other COUPLES who were in the same journey.

You are not a NORMAL MAN and your QUEEN is not normal either.

Most of us don’t have couples that we could look up to or inspire us.

That is why we created the EDGE POWER COUPLE RETREAT.

This is an opportunity for you and your QUEEN to spend QUALITY TIME in a beautiful EXOTIC LOCATION while learning the framework of what you must do to become a POWER COUPLE.

This is a three day ALL INCLUSIVE RETREAT all you have to do is book your flights and we will take care of everything when you arrive.

Join us in this POWER COUPLE RETREAT (we have limited space) to experience more PASSION, PURPOSE and create the VISION to create an EMPIRE with your QUEEN.